Night of Reflection

Total Lunar Eclipse/
Winter Solstice, 12/21/2010

Love Shines Through
Venus Transits Sun

An essence of introspection, for when we need or wish to quiet external influences and go within to find ourselves, our own counsel and voice. Mindful present moment awareness. Useful for those who seek other's opinions or approval, for those who feel caught in the middle of seemingly opposing forces. For those who have difficulty going with or engaging in healthy introspection. Helps with overly anxious or worried minds, fosters a sense of mindfulness and finding time to honor oneself.

An essence to bring light and clarity to our expressions of love. Helps us to explore our understanding of love and relationships and then transform those aspects that may impede a happy, fulfilling relationship with self and others. Useful for those who tend to repeat the same dissatisfying patterns in their relationships, for those who wish to bring light and healing to the heart and for those who may tend to keep their feelings hidden, perhaps afraid to show affection and tenderness. Helps to open us to healthy expressions of love.





Going Forward

Mercury Turns Direct

Manifest a Miracle

Blue Moon in Pisces

An essence to help transform the 'unlucky' and often annoying Mercury Retrograde. Use this Essence to remedy missed communication, chaotic or random events, delays, and other related difficulties. For those who tend to be more affected by this aspect, use as a daily tonic. It can also be used whenever you need a little extra clarity or "push" around a project or pursuit. Aids with clear expression, easier progress, and confidence with ideas, decisions and plans.

An essence of luck, dreams and magick, to create and enhance those times when we need or wish to take a chance and make our dreams a reality. Gives an extra push to an intention. Useful for those who have difficulty bringing a task or project to completion, especially if we doubt that it can be done. For when we feel stuck in the mundane, helps with realization, creation and completion.





*Vibrational essences are used when preparing these aromatherapy mists. They are generally safe for people with chemical sensitivities, and in most cases will not trigger respiratory conditions or irritate sensitive skin. However, if you are concerned about possible allergic reactions, please e-mail David; he can create a custom blend to address your mood while considering your particular sensitivities

Common-Sense Caution: While aromatherapy mists are totally natural and free from chemical additives
and preservatives, they should not be sprayed directly into eyes, nose, or throat. Also, while they may
safely be used on children's linens and in nurseries, please keep aromatherapy sprays (and all other
health products and cosmetics) out of reach of little hands.

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