Anam Cara is an ancient Celtic term that means "soul friend," someone who listens to and understands anotherís hopes and fears and who walks along the same path. The Anam Cara draws from his or her experience of nature and the divine to help others identify and overcome their weaknesses, leading them closer to reunification with Source and into a place of personal wellness.

True wellness is the presence of contentment and joy on a daily basis. It is not a static state of being, but an ever-evolving practice; not the absence of stress, but the achievement of balance within oneself despite life's stresses. In the truest sense, this practice of wellness is holistic, because it considers our physical, emotional, spiritual and social selves, and how those aspects relate to each other and to the world.

Anam Cara of Rhode Island, the healing practice of David J. Erwin, MA, MDiv, offers spiritual and holistic services for those who seek wholeness and wellness. Paths of transformation include Reiki Jin Kei Do, Aromatherapy, Vibrational Essences, and Meditation. Tools for self-exploration include Tarot, Star+Gate, Personality Testing, and Color Testing. Wellness is a journey, and David is pleased to walk with you along the way.

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