Aromatherapy and Ritual Mists

Aromatherapy Mists

Anam Cara's handmade aromatherapy mists are created to enhance or balance a variety of emotional and mental states.* Use them on body, clothes, linens, in your car, or as wonderful, subtle perfumes.

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Wellness Mists

Anam Cara's Wellness Mists are potent blends that address everyday concerns and help to keep you feeling vibrant and healthy.

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Ritual Mists

Anam Cara's handmade ritual mists are created to evoke and enhance the energies of the eight Power Days, or Sabbats.* Use them during rituals on body and clothing, or carry them with you to create your own ritual of scent, anytime.

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Intention Mists

Anam Cara's Intentions mists assist your meditations and manifestations with magickal blends. Use them as room sprays or personal perfumes to enhance your vibration and send your intention forth into the world!

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Vibrational Essences

Capturing the celestial vibrations of major astrological events, these pure essences help you tap into the infinite power of the Universe

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*Vibrational essences are used when preparing these aromatherapy mists. They are generally safe for people with chemical sensitivities, and in most cases will not trigger respiratory conditions or irritate sensitive skin. However, if you are concerned about possible allergic reactions, please e-mail David; he can create a custom blend to address your mood while considering your particular sensitivities

Common-Sense Caution: While aromatherapy mists are totally natural and free from chemical additives
and preservatives, they should not be sprayed directly into eyes, nose, or throat. Also, while they may
safely be used on children's linens and in nurseries, please keep aromatherapy sprays (and all other
health products and cosmetics) out of reach of little hands.


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