Anam Cara offers a range of services designed to help you achieve wellness, wholeness, and a state of balance. To learn more about a service or to schedule an appointment, please contact David at 401-489-4970 or by e-mail.

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Tarot Readings

Gain knowledge about the past and present, and glimpse the unfolding path through the art of Tarot. In-person, phone, and e-mail readings are offered.

$35 for 30 minutes, $60 for 60 minutes.





Wedding Officiation & Preparation

David is ordained and licensed to perform marriage ceremonies in RI, MA, and CT. He is happy to work with you to create a beautiful, memorable, traditional or non-traditional ceremony. In addition to officiation, David also offers pre-wedding services including custom-blended perfumes, flower essences, Reiki, and other healing services to enhance your experience and prepare you for your new life's journey.

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Reiki (spirit and energy) uses gentle, respectful touch and the conscious direction of Universal energies to encourage healing, transformation, and heightened awareness. Reiki is a perfect complement to any healing modality. It is deeply rooted in meditation and helps to direct us on our path towards transformation and wholeness.

$35 for 30 minutes, $60 for 60 minutes.

David is a Reiki Master in the Reiki Jin Kei Do tradition, and offers classes for Reiki I, II, and Master level Certifications and attunements. Click here to learn more.





Aromatherapy is a healing art in which essential oils (concentrated extracts of aromatic plant material) are used to promote health, happiness, and balance. After a detailed consultation, David will custom-design an aromatherapy blend to address your particular concern, and recommend the most effective delivery methods for you.

$35 consultation






Star+Gate is an adventure into one’s own experience of life. It is a step-by-step process by which helps us to access the profound wisdom thatalready resides within us, and find answers therein. Utilizing the rich language of symbols, Star+Gate helps us solve problems while sharpening our intuition. Meanings are discerned through the session and a plan of action is developed to help the client move towards wholeness and happiness.

$35 consultation






Those who sought answers from the Oracle at Delphi were greeted with the instruction: “gnothi seauton” or “know thyself.” Self-knowledge is crucial to growth and transformation. Knowing our strengths and weaknesses provides great insight into our selves, careers, and relationships. By knowing and acting on these insights we can move from fragmentation to wholeness. The Self-Knowledge consultation may use one or more methods to explore the truest Self, including Jungian Temperament, Enneagram, and Personality Self-Portrait.

$35 consultation




Flower Essences

Flower Essences are liquid preparations from flowers, trees, and other plants which convey the energy and vibration of those plants. They act energetically through the mind-body connection, and are especially useful when addressing those aspects of Self with which we all struggle: anger, depression, fear, impatience, shyness, dependence, confidence, and hope. Applications for Flower Essences include relationships, parenting, career issues, and spiritual growth.

$35 consultation





Color Test

Light and darkness have a profound effect on our emotional states and energy levels. The colors we prefer reveal a great deal about how we see ourselves and the world, as do those we dislike. In Color Testing, we rank eight colors in order of preference; these selections paint a portrait of our emotional state, and reveal how we approach the world, how we operate in personal and professional relationships, and how we love. These insights can then be used to clarify our desires and sources of stress so balance and expression of the highest self can be achieved.

$35 consultation

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